On rejection.

RejectionSometimes, I ask myself whether I am really strong enough to become a writer. I hate rejection. Well, who wants that, anyway? I believe nobody want to hear just how bad they are at something they thought they are good at.

I got a rejection for a novel I wrote with so much love and enthusiasm. I really thought it was a really good one, an approval waiting in the offing for it. But, then, I got the feedback from the editor today. It was bad. BAD. It said I used an old trick, an external conflict, the lead characters were surrounded by psychos, and that the editor got a headache from reading it. That really fucking hurt!

I know this is just part of my journey as a writer but it just rankles. I got the same rejection more than a year ago and part of me didn’t get over it, is still not over it. This new one will surely fester until I tell myself to stop being affected. If I ever tell to get over it because I am that kind of person who relives the bad things that happen to her from time to time. I want to cry just thinking about it.

Another sigh.

What a Monday! I shouldn’t have emailed today for the feedback but I really thought it was a good-for-approval novel.

I wonder how other writers handle rejection.


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